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We offer a nice sound proof-studio and very suitable for green/blue screen shot.
The studio size is 9m (W) x 13m (D) x 5.4m (H).
The studio has basic lighting equipment but we can arrange other equipment to satisfy your needs.


【Spec.】 Width:9m / Depth:13m / Height:5.4m
【Equipment】 Dimming equipment / Horizontal light batten / Make room
【Power capacity】 100kW ( 200V | 200A )
【Price list】 Click here for price list Download price list Download
【Floor plan】

Lighting equipment

Lighting equipment of the following is available at all times.

x 2 10kW Primo x 10 4kW Sky light
x 4 5kW Primo x 24 500W Upper Horizont
x 8 2kW Primo x 2 500W Eispot
x 6 1kW Primo x 2 200W Eispot
x 6 1kW Scoop light x 10 Century Stand

For other equipment, please contact us.

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