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Industry Marks™

Industry Marks? come in three versions, Tfs, Ifs, and Lfs and are a great innovation in reusable actor, dolly, and camera marks. They are made from 11ga. cold rolled steel, powder coated, then coated with a soft clear heavy duty PVC coating that will not damage delicate floors. They come in many colors and are matched to be used along side paper tape marks without confusion. We even make marks that glow in the dark!

Dimention : 103mm x 103mm
Weight : 100 g

Tiffen Viewing Glass

Responding to the demands of cinematographers & lighting professionals: The Tiffen Variable Viewing Filter incorporates the award winning Variable ND filter, offering indexed 2-8 stops, along with the unique ability to easily add any 49mm ring filter from our vast range.

#1 - Glass: for B/W (Monochrome)
#2 - Glass: ND for Film speeds to 100
#3 - Glass: ND for Faster film
#5 - Glass: fro Blue screen / Setting up color video monitors


Gaffer tape, Masking tape, Camera tape, Eye cushion, etc. We sell expendable items to be used at shooting site.

Gaffer tape (Silver) 50mm x 60m
Camera tape Silk (White, Red, Blue, Black) 25mm x 50m
Camera tape Silk (Blue, Black) 50mm x 55m
Camera tape Silk (Glow-Type Pink, Green, Yellow, Orange) 25mm x 50m
Camera tape Silk (Glow-Type Pink, Green, Yellow, Orange) 12.5mm x 45m
Masking tape (Matte Black) 50mm x 60m
Masking tape (Matte Black) 25mm x 60m
Eye cushion
Circle shape (beige)
Circle shape (Blue)
Egg shape (Gray, Blue)

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