Tango Roller

The simple design, can also be used in more heavy camera, such as ARRICAM and fully equipped RED and Alexa. It is used in combination with the dedicated track "Twin tube", you can use in a variety of applications than the slider. Can be quick setup without the need for a lot of parts. With the option of twin slide base, any length of it can produce sliders and over keeper even the twin-tube and can also be attached to any camera tripod.

Bowl mount diameter: 100mm
Track length : About 120 cm x1 / 100 cm x1
Track width : About 12 cm
Max load : About 15 kg
weight : About 24 kg

Laptop Dolly

Equipped with a 100 φ ball capable of shooting at low angle, also possible to mount a tripod.
Combined with the company's E-JIB, you can get original camera angle.

Dimention : About 70 x 88 cm
Case : About 80 x 52 x 30 cm
Weight : About 24 kg


E-JIB does not take time to install. Also, since the arm also works lightly, it does not require much physical strength for operation.
Combined with the company's Laptop Dolly, we will create a variety of camera angles.

Arm Length : About 140-200 cm
Weight : About 45 kg
Expansion and contraction Width : Front 42 cm / Rear 20 cm
Tilt : UP/DOWN 102°
Max load : 15-20 kg

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